Driving the Music of the Eagles, Don Henley, Joe Walsh and American  Classic Rock.
Have you noticed how many tribute bands spend more time trying to look and act like rockstars
while sounding nothing like the original or at best a pale imitation?
Desert Highway is a real band made up of six talented musicians who not only do an amazing
job recreating the music of the eagles but put every bit of themselves into each performance!
Our shows have earned us the following reviews:
"These guys are as good as it gets. Wow what a sound. I watched one lady in the front just close her eyes and
simply nod as she took in the likeness to the real thing" - Downtown Cabaret Bridgeport Ct.
"...The guitar work was impeccable and at times dazzling" - Pat Ryder Internationalpress
Eagles Tribute Band
© 2015 Desert Highway Band